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Voidokilia Messinias

Swimming in Voidokilia and walking on the fine white sand
Voidokilia is a legendary beach and one of the loveliest in the Mediterranean, with white sand and cool blue waters. It stands out on any map for its nearly perfect arch shape.

Voidokilia offers no amenities such as parasols and a beach bar. You reach the beach via a dirt road from Petrochori or a footpath from Divari through the Gialova Lagoon. The beach has had the same name since Homeric times and in his epic poems, the ancient chronicler refers to it as Voufrada (with “vouf” being the ancient word for “vodi,” which means ox in Greek; thus Voidokilia means ox belly and the beach is named such because of its rounded shape). This may well be the beach where Telemachus landed his ship when returning from Ithaca in search of information regarding the fate of Odysseus from the king of Pylos, Nestor.

After a magical swim, take the small path right by the beach up to the top of the northern hill of Voidokilia. There is a vaulted tomb on the hill, which Pausanias attributes to Thrasymedes, the son of Nestor. It is built on the ruins of an Early Helladic structure and there are more burial sites in the area. The site was excavated in the 1950s by Spyros Marinatos, and while it is enclosed behind a fence, you can still catch a glimpse of the tomb from afar. If you walk to the other side of the enclosure, you will be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of Voidokilia from above.


Voidokilia Beach can be reached by road from Pylos, via Gialova and Petrochori. It is about 8 km from Pylos. Pylos is 50 km from Kalamata.


Very near Voidokilia, the area of Romanos has a 5-star hotel complex with a plethora of services and amenities. In Pylos you will find several 3-star hotels and rooms-to-let, as well as many decent traditional and fish tavernas. Gialova and Petrochori, which are nearby, have plenty of hotels, guest houses and rooms for all tastes. There are also some very good seafood tavernas on the coast of Gialova.


Purchase or long term leasehold.

Our dedicated products:

250 k MAX

Our company has specially selected for you, some “value for money”, residences at a cost of precisely 250k €, without any additional expenses, related to the purchase and transfer of the property and issuance of the residence permit for the beneficiary and the family.

This means that you can obtain your GOLDEN VISA GREECE by spending only 250k €.

There properties are in limited availability since all additional related expenses of the acquisition are agreed to be covered by the seller/our company.

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It refers to the acquisition of commercial properties of equal or more than 250k € plus expences, with FIXED RETURN GUARANTEE from the exploitation of the property.

Our company preserves a portfolio of special commercial properties (shops, offices, studios, lofts, etc.) achieving a successful property management (e.g. rental) that gives a significant permanent guaranteed income for the investor-buyer.

Obtaining such a property, you have the following advantages:

    • Direct acquisition of GOLDEN VISA GREECE

By granting the management of your property to our company you enjoy guaranteed annual income, without any hassle for you (finding tenants, collecting rents, property management, constant income independently from the exploitation of the property, maintenance services, etc.)

    • Increase the value of your property due to the expected increase, in the evaluation of the purchase property.
    • Acquisition of income derectly borne abroad (in EURO €)
    • Possession and ownership in a particular commercial property.
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It refers to the acquisition of special tourist residences or bungalows which are part of a modern luxury tourist accommodation (4 or 5 stars) in a unique environment, suitable for your vacation.

Obtaining such a property, you have the following advantages:

    • Acquisition of GOLDEN VISA GREECE
    • Unique holidays in an absolute luxury and/or environmentally friendly location.
    • Be a member of a luxury hotel complex and enjoy unique facilities and services tailor-made for you and your needs (restaurants, public areas, sports facilities, swimming pools, SPA, etc.)
    • Easy subleasing of your property to the Hotel complex, resulting to an additional income.
    • Easy resale.
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250 k plus – UNIQUE PROPERTY

It refers to the acquisition of property units of more than 250k € plus expences, to enjoy with your family, including properties with the following features:

    • Luxury urban holiday or residential use in signature and unique locations.
    • Housing in unique natural environment (mountains or sea).
    • High quality and lifestyle standards that can meet every requirement of the buyer.
    • Ability to privately use the property and / or rent to others.

Obtaining such a property, you have the following advantages:

    • Direct acquisition of GOLDEN VISA GREECE
    • Luxury, comfort and quality to the level that you desire
    • Unique location (urban or rural or historical)
    • Possibility of income through rental service.

The final choice, among the most luxurious and of great architectural design properties all over Greece for permanent residence or holiday house, depends on investor’s requests.

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